About us

At Kitsch Media, our vision is the bigger picture. We nurture innovation and ideas, encourage them to grow, and then we launch them for whole world to enjoy.

Currently based in London, we are busy developing platforms to aid the development of community relationships through a multitude of levels; social, business, and community support.

Our core value is ‘community’. This element is sewn into the fabric of our company culture and with this in mind we have created a a portfolio of products that enhances communications for our users.

Kitsch Media has always seen the true value in supporting communities. Why – communities can nature, provide security and support, educate, aid the development of relationships, and be an advocate to a person’s lifestyle choice.  A community is not just a group of people bounded by a geographical links, but bring together people by lifestyle, religion, hobbies and interests.

We were established in 2014 by two technology visionaries, with a rich background of new media ventures and social media technologies. The company’s core talents are user focused design solutions and interactive communication strategies across all platforms, with strong emphasis on community platform development and mobile application design.

We are always looking to identify new patterns and digital trends. In 2012 we began work on the new community platform KitschMix. KitschMix is looking to rethink the way the LGBT community communicates and interacts online. It is innovative idea that experiments with new forms networking capabilities.

For further information please use our contact form or to email us directly please email info@kitschmix.com.