About us

Kitsch Media Group is now a leading media company for women in the LGBT community. We are focused on delivering high-quality and original online products focused on diversity and inclusion. As well as publishing an online magazines and TV channel, we also have an creative initiative focused on the delivery of products to our market.



KitschMix is the social news and entertainment company. We are a dedicated and leading website for women within the LGBTQ community; offering some of the most shareable breaking news, original reporting, entertainment and video across the social web to its global audience of millions.

Kitsch Kandy<

Kitsch Kandy

Kitsch Kandy is product collection with LGBT women in mind. The aim is to offer women within the LGBT community apparel, which fits their lifestyle, fashion sense and spirit. 

KitschMix TV<

KitschMix TV

KitschMix.TV offers the best in LGBT Films and Web Shows. With on demand access, our aim is to give our audience complete access to a wide variety of Lesbian based dramas, comedies, LGBT documentaries and online lesbian web shows from around the world.